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Striped Cotton Cushion Cover

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Material Description - Cotton
Care Description - Hand wash separately in cold water
Production method - Handwoven
Length - 20 inch
Breadth - 20 inch
Weight - 250 grams
Values - Artisanal
Pack contents - 1 cushion cover


Handwoven by artisans in Indian state of Rajasthan, this cotton cushion cover features a splendid textured design. Handweaving in India is over 2000 years old. The craft has stayed true to its roots even in the face of severe competition from power looms. This eco-friendly, non- mechanized process employs more than 43 million people in India, contributing to 95% of the world's handwoven fabrics. It is a strenuous process that requires perfect rhythm and coordination. The weaver uses a pedal to apply pressure to ensure an even, close-knit weave. The mechanism of the loom, almost always worked with bare feet, permits the weaver to judge the feel of the yarn. Handloom fabrics are defined by their soft texture and known to be more durable than machine-made offerings.