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Hand Carved Mango Wooden Masala Dabba/Indian Spice Box for Kitchen

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Hand Carved Mango Wooden Masala Dabba/Indian Spice Box for Kitchen with wooden spoon and glass lid on top.


Material Description - Mango Wood

Glass Production Method - Hand Carved

Style type - Spice Boxes

Values - Artisanal

Pack contents Set : Spice Box with Spoon

Disclaimer - Every hand carved product is unique. Minor variations in pattern, color and appearance are a part of the handmade charm.


This eco-friendly offering has been carved to perfection by a highly skilled artisans from North India. It features an understated carved design made with very basic hand-held tools. The artisans use a sharp stylus to carve designs on the surface. Once the carving is done, the product is buffed on an emery wheel to smoothen its surfaces and edges. Hand carving requires great precision and skilled hands, hence every offering is marked with stories of dedication.

Indian Masala Dabba Daani Spice Box


Buy Desi Masala Dabba or Spice Box is a traditional Indian kitchen essential that is used to store and organize spices and herbs. It comprises a square wooden container with 12 small compartments, with a top glass lid and a wooden spoon.

Masala Dabbas are a convenient way to keep spices organized and easily accessible while cooking. They save time and effort by eliminating the need to search for individual spice jars in a cluttered spice cabinet.

In addition, Masala Dabbas are also a decorative item in Indian kitchens. When selecting a Masala Dabba, consider the number of compartments and the size of each compartment, depending on the number of spices you typically use in your cooking, as per your requirements we bring collections of masala dabba in different sizes, materials, and compartments.

In Summary Buy Desi Masala Dabba is a practical and decorative kitchen accessory that allows you to store and organize spices and herbs, making cooking more efficient and enjoyable. With a variety of designs and materials to choose from, you can find the perfect Masala Dabba that complements your kitchen and reflects your cultural heritage.


Masala Daani Spice Box