Indian Handicraft Artisan

Uncover the rich history & culture of Indian handicrafts with BUY DESI!

Taking pride in the rich heritage of Indian handicrafts, our team at Buy Desi works hard to source quality handicraft products that you’ll love to have in your home or give as thoughtful gifts to loved ones and friends. Indian handicrafts are made with the skills and traditions passed down through generations of artisans, whose work stems from centuries-old techniques and designs that can be traced back to different parts of India.

What Makes Our Collection Unique:
Unlike most other websites, we source our collection directly from the artisans in Indian cities. The products are all handmade and sourced ethically. Authentic handicrafts are sourced exclusively for you directly from the artisans. We have distinct selection of products including jewellery artwork, home and living, accessories and more.
From contemporary to classic designs, we keep our collection fresh by refreshing the designs regularly— something that’s not easy to do because the artisans take so much time to make each piece making each product unique and one of a kind. If you see it now, chances are you might not get it again because each product is handmade and unique, and not mass produced.

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