Masala Dabba

How to use your Masala Dabba Efficiently

Our kitchens are filled with lots of frills and fancies. It is these items that help in making our cooking process simple and organized. However, one thing that really stands out amongst all of them is your Masala Dabba which is probably your most coveted item. Women treasure their masala collections and use different ways to organize and maintain them.

Yet some problems may arise due to sheer carelessness. If you are struggling to manage your Spice Box Indian, here are some ways you can use it efficiently.

Masala Dabba


Fill the box with your favorites.

Indian Spice boxes are the one space where you can store all the spices. However, you have to decide which spices you are going to use the most. Normally that should be turmeric, cumin, coriander powder, red chili powder, and salt. Once you have chosen which spices you will add, you will have to see which of the spices will remain covered and which not. 

So if you are picking a strong-smelling spice like cardamom, ensure that it remains covered. If the spices are kept open, then their smells mix, and that reduces their efficacy further. Also, keep a spoon from your Wooden Cutlery Holder as that would help in the exact proportion required. 

Keep the dabba relevant.

After every few months, you must analyze your masala dabba. It could hold spices that no longer hold any importance in your kitchen. Maybe there is a new spice that you have suddenly started using more often. In that case, you can replace any spice that you may not be using with the new one. At, you can buy items like wooden coasters UK and spice boxes that would add glamour and functionality to your kitchen.

Use small-sized spoons 

In every container of the masala dabba, make sure you are adding small-sized spoons. If you do not have them, you can break a full-sized spoon from your Wooden Cutlery Holder. That would ensure that you would never overuse any masala. Each of the containers can have a small-sized spoon. 

This is to ensure that spices are not mixed from one container to another. If the spices get mixed up, their flavors and smells suffer; therefore, keeping them separate is best. 

Have two Masala Dabba if required

It is always best to have two spice boxes if required. While some people do it for convenience, others divide their Indian Spice boxes based on their purpose. For instance, you could have two boxes, one for North Indian and one for South Indian cooking. That would help you in being focussed while cooking a different type of meal. However, be careful and ensure that you mention their types to avoid any confusion. 

The masala box is an essential tool

You have seen the masala box (masala dani) being a part of your kitchen for a long. However, do not underestimate its importance in your life. It does more than just store your spices in one place. Apart from offering a new level of convenience, it avoids the mixing up of all the spices. This keeps the freshness and smell of these spices intact and fit for long-term usage. Ensure that your treat is an important accessory of your kitchen.

Take care of the box

Make sure that you care for the masala box (masala dani) too. Regular cleaning and refilling of the spices is absolutely necessary. Avoid keeping it in a place where it may fall and cause breakage. Cover the spices which are strong smelling and avoid their mixing up. Do not overfill; that would make your masala box look messy and increase the chances of spillage.

Summing up

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